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Tubing (ID=39)

For sour gas applications, our tubing is annealed stainless steel, available for all standard valve and fitting sizes, and in any length specified. For sweet applications, HiP tubing is cold drawn, seamless and supplied in the hard condition (not annealed). Tubing is stocked in lengths of 18 to 22 feet but may be ordered in true tubing lengths with no additional cutting charge.

Note: Tubing lengths over 7 ft must ship by motor freight

  • Connection-ready nipples are available in annealed and standard tubing for all valve and fitting sizes, and in any length specified. Nipples are not furnished with collars and glands, unless specified at time of order. Sour gas nipples are annealed 316 SS.


ID: 234: Tubing:105:1:12

Coned and Threaded Nipples

ID: 235: Coned and Threaded Nipples:105:2:12


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